Opening an Office in Teddington

Companies who wish to start a new business in the UK should be aware of a number of important legal factors including taxation, insurance and employer responsibilities and laws. Ensure you apply for the applicable business licences and comply with all health and safety regulations. You will also need to take the time to engage suitable employees, open a business bank account and find the perfect office premises.

Traditionally, Teddington has been a residential area, but over the past few years the neighbourhood's improved transport connections and the skills of the local economic force have attracted many businesses in fields like IT, media, and scientific research. The Haymarket Group and the National Physical Laboratory are key employers in the area. Teddington's railway station has several trains per hour to Waterloo, Wimbledon, and Putney.

You will be spoilt for choice when looking for the ideal office space in London's Teddington area.

The UK is home to a wealth of professional book-keeping companies offering a range of services.

A solicitor will advise your company on a range of legal aspects.

A qualified tax accountant will ensure you keep your business tax up to date with the HMRC.

Financial services providers offer money management services and include banks and investment companies.