Opening an Office in Paddington

Opening an Office in PaddingtonOpening a new branch of your business in the UK is an exciting prospect. You should carefully research all the legal requirements including registering with Companies House, keeping business accounts, applying for right business licences and organising insurance. In addition you should take the time to find the perfect employees to help your business grow, be aware of your responsibilities as a business owner along with UK health and safety regulations.

The district of Paddington is mostly known for being home to a large train station, which connects the area with Heathrow airport, the west of England, and Wales. The presence of the train station has contributed to the appearance of a large number of shops, hotels, business facilities, and services oriented to tourists. In addition to train services, Paddington has a tube station on the Metropolitan line, and is only a couple of minutes south of the A40 road. The City of Westminster College runs Paddington Green campus, which offers higher and adult education as well as several apprenticeships.

You can get help when finding your first office in London's Paddington area by utilising the resources available from London Office Space.

Book-keeping is an essential service to keep your business running effectively.

There are a wide range of insurance providers in London who will be able to provide the suitable level of insurance for your business needs.

Tax accountants will ensure your company pays the correct VAT, National Insurance Contributions and business tax rates.

Businesses should thoroughly research suitable English speaking employees that will be an asset to their business growth.