Opening an Office in Oxford Street

Opening an Office in Oxford StreetWhen opening a new branch of your business in the UK you should be aware of all the legal requirements involved. You will need to register you business with Companies House, pay VAT, import and export duty, apply for the correct business licences and keep up to date accounts. You should also consider opening a business bank account and take the time to find suitable office premises.

With more than 300 stores, Oxford Street is one of the United Kingdom's top retail destinations. Along with the rest of the West End, the revenues generated by commerce in this area account for 20 per cent of the city's GDP. The largest employers are Selfridge's, John Lewis, and House of Fraser. In total, more than 50,000 people work in the shops at Oxford Street. Being in the heart of central London, the street is served by several underground lines and by dozens of bus routes.

You can get help when finding your first office in London's Oxford Street area by utilising the resources available from London Office Space.

Book-keeping companies provide a range of services required by businesses in the UK.

Businesses should consider engaging a solicitor who can aid them with all their legal requirements.

Financial services providers offer money management services and include banks and investment companies.

It is advisable to hire an accountant who will ensure your business accounts are kept up to date.