Opening an Office in Old Street

Opening an Office in Old StreetCompanies who wish to start a new business in the UK should be aware of a number of important legal factors including taxation, insurance and employer responsibilities and laws. Ensure you apply for the applicable business licences and comply with all health and safety regulations. You will also need to take the time to engage suitable employees, open a business bank account and find the perfect office premises.

Old Street has always had a vibrant night time economy, although the development of the Silicon Roundabout turned the area into one of the most important hubs for digital, media, and IT companies. The Tech City at Old Street is home to Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Google, and KPGM, among other renowned employers. Old Street underground station serves the area with tube and national rail services.

London's reputation as one of the world's leading business locations makes it the ideal place to expand your operations and to open your first office in Old Street.

There are a large number of companies who can help you ship your business equipment to the UK.

When recruiting new employees for you business you should take the time to find the perfect candidates to suit your company's needs.

UK accountants are vital in order to ensure compliance with tax laws, VAT payments and payroll and to ensure that the appropriate minimum of tax is paid on a business.

Financial services providers offer money management services and include banks and investment companies.