Opening an Office in High Street Kensington

Opening an Office in High Street KensingtonBusiness looking to open a new branch in the UK should take a number of things into consideration. You will be required to register with Companies House, keep up to date accounts, organise insurance and set up a business bank account. You should also take time to find the ideal office premises to suit your business as well as professional staff.

Kensington's high street is one of the busiest shopping and entertainment destinations in London. Cinemas, spas, hotels, and restaurants attract thousands of visitors every day, and there are some exclusive fashion stores in the area too, like Cos or Muji. Fordham University and Richmond University are near High Street Kensington tube station.

You can get help when finding your first office in London's High Street Kensington area by utilising the resources available from London Office Space.

Book-keeping is an essential service to keep your business running effectively.

There are a wide range of insurance providers in London who will be able to provide the suitable level of insurance for your business needs.

Tax accountants will ensure your company pays the correct VAT, National Insurance Contributions and business tax rates.

Businesses should thoroughly research suitable English speaking employees that will be an asset to their business growth.