Opening an Office in Edmonton

When starting a new business in the UK there are a number of important factors to consider. You will need to register your business with Companies House and the HMRC for tax purposes, find business premises and apply for financing if necessary. You will also need to engage suitable staff, advertise your business and keep up to date accounts.

Edmonton is part of the Borough of Enfield, and although no tube stations exist in the area, trains connect the neighbourhood with the rest of London at the Edmonton Green, Silver Street, and Angel Road stations. Manufacturing was once the main industry in the area, but today retail and health and social services dominate the market. Edmonton's major employers are Coca Cola, London Waste, and the local authority. Over the past few years, the arts scene has gained importance in Edmonton and has helped attract more businesses and visitors to the area, thanks to the creation of institutions like the Millfield Arts Centre.

London's reputation as one of the world's leading business locations makes it the ideal place to expand your operations and to open your first office in Edmonton.

It is advisable to thoroughly screen all prospective staff before selecting the ideal employees for you business.

Companies looking to import and export goods to and from the UK should be aware of all the legal requirements including customs tariffs and trade legislation.

Tax accountants will ensure your company pays the correct VAT, National Insurance Contributions and business tax rates.

There are a wide range of insurance providers in London who will be able to provide the suitable level of insurance for your business needs.