Opening an Office in Clapham

When opening a new branch of your business in the UK you should be aware of all the legal requirements involved. You will need to register you business with Companies House, pay VAT, import and export duty, apply for the correct business licences and keep up to date accounts. You should also consider opening a business bank account and take the time to find suitable office premises.

Clapham's economy is dominated by small and medium enterprises in sectors like retail, leisure, and increasingly, tourism. The local council has plans to develop Clapham's infrastructure in order to attract businesses in the information technology and knowledge sectors. Clapham is served by three Northern line underground stations, while the local train station is a major interchange and one of the busiest rail stations in Europe. Higher education and vocational courses are available at Lambeth College.

You will be spoilt for choice when looking for the ideal office space in London's Clapham area.

The UK is home to a wealth of professional book-keeping companies offering a range of services.

Businesses should consider engaging a solicitor who can aid them with all their legal requirements.

There are a wide range of financial services providers in London.

Businesses are advised to thoroughly research UK import and export laws, legislation and customs tariffs.