Opening an Office in Angel

Opening an Office in AngelWhen starting a new business in the UK there are a number of important factors to consider. You will need to register your business with Companies House and the HMRC for tax purposes, find business premises and apply for financing if necessary. You will also need to engage suitable staff, advertise your business and keep up to date accounts.

Angel is situated at the heart of Islington, in north London. The area surrounding Angel station is a major entertainment zone that is considered the best alternative to London's West End, and has a very active night time economy. Retail and hospitality are other important activities around Angel. King's Cross St Pancras is within walking distance.

London's reputation as one of the world's leading business locations makes it the ideal place to expand your operations and to open your first office in Angel.

There are a large number of companies who can help you ship your business equipment to the UK.

Businesses should thoroughly research suitable English speaking employees that will be an asset to their business growth.

Ensure you are aware of all the regulations surrounding import and export legislation, customs tariffs and requirements in the UK.

Finding and employing a qualified and professional accountant is essential for your business.